Ansys почему не происходит remesh
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Ansys почему не происходит remesh

Workbench CFX Remesh: как создать файл переразбиения сетки *.wbjn

Пытаюсь разобрать пример: nch_cfx_remesh
Вроде, все разобрано, кроме ключевого момента — переразбиения сетки. А именно: подскажите, пожалуйста, как создать нужный файл *.wbjn

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Найти ещё сообщения от perebezhchik

Продолжаю выспрашивать помощь. Ну, правда, неужели никто с этим не сталкивался?

Поняла, что вопрос в посте №2 мог показаться невежественным, так как речь о командной строке (на ответ наткнулась случайно, очень сложно искать в хелпе "то, не знаешь что"). Мне не приходилось ею пользоваться, поэтому этот вопрос имел здесь место.

О задаче: сейчас меня интересует момент, который обозначен в теме.
"Как" создать файл *.wbjn я разобралась. Но при решении задачи, при переразбиении, возникает ошибка: "Parameter of name ‘P1’ not found in Project".
Так как я не вручную код писала, а программой протоколировались мои действия в проекте, полагаю, что дело даже не в коде, а в способе изменения параметра (я пыталась перебить значение самостоятельно, для теста хотя бы).
И в этом как раз вопрос!

Как связать расчетные данные, контролируемые в monitor point, с параметром геометрии? Так, чтобы параметр изменялся в соответствии с последней величиной, высчитанной решателем?

Ansys почему не происходит remesh

Ends the remeshing operation.

Reads in a generic ( .cdb format) new mesh file generated by a third-party application. This remeshing option applies to both 2-D and 3-D rezoning.

Splits selected elements of an existing 2-D or 3-D mesh such that a quadrilateral element is split into four quadrilaterals, a degenerate quadrilateral is split into three quadrilaterals, and a quadratic triangular element is split into four quadratic triangles. A tetrahedral element is split into eight tetrahedra.

Name of a .cdb generic mesh file. The default value is jobname . Valid only when Action = READ.

File name extension. The only valid (and the default) extension is CDB. Valid only when Action = READ.

Specifies options for the new mesh when using a generic imported mesh file or the mesh-splitting remeshing method. Valid only when Action = READ or Action = SPLIT.

Regenerates all node and element numbers on the new mesh using an offset of the highest existing node and element numbers. This is the default behavior when Action = READ; otherwise, this value is ignored.

Keeps the similarly numbered nodes and elements in the new and the old meshes unchanged. Valid only when Action = READ.

Generates transition elements to ensure nodal compatibility between split and unsplit parts of the mesh. Valid only when Action = SPLIT for 2-D analyses.

Specifies transition options for the mesh when elements are split. These options are valid only when Action = SPLIT for 2-D analyses.

Minimizes the number of degenerate elements in the transition mesh and tries to maximize the number of quadrilateral transition elements across several layers of elements from the split regions. This is the default behavior.

Creates transition zones between the split and unsplit parts of the mesh using mostly degenerate elements with a single element layer.


The REMESH command is valid only during the rezoning ( REZONE ) process.

In rezoning, a REMESH ,START command temporarily exits the /SOLU solution processor and enters a special mode of the /PREP7 preprocessor, after which a limited number of preprocessing commands are available for mesh control, but no solution commands are valid.

A REMESH ,FINISH command exits the remeshing process and reenters the solution processor, at which point no preprocessing commands are available. If the new mesh exists, the command creates contact elements if needed, and transfers all boundary conditions (BCs) and loads from the original mesh to the new mesh. You can issue any list or plot command to verify the created contact elements, transferred BCs, and loads. A REMESH ,FINISH command is valid only after a previously issued REMESH ,START command, and is the only way to safely end the remeshing operation (and exit the special mode of the /PREP7 preprocessor).

A REMESH ,READ command is valid only when you want to perform a rezoning operation using a generic new mesh generated by a third-party application (rather than a new mesh generated internally by the ANSYS program). The command is valid between REMESH ,START and REMESH ,FINISH commands. In this case, the only valid file extension is .cdb ( Ext = CDB). When Option = KEEP, ANSYS assumes that the common node and element numbers between the old and the new mesh are topologically similar (that is, these commonly numbered areas have the same element connectivity and nodal coordinates).

A REMESH ,SPLIT command is valid only when you wish to perform a rezoning operation by splitting the existing mesh. The command is valid between REMESH ,START and REMESH ,FINISH commands.

You can use REMESH ,READ and REMESH ,SPLIT commands for horizontal multiple rezoning provided that the meshes used in REMESH ,READ do not intersect. (ANSYS recommends against issuing an AREMESH command after issuing either of these commands.)

For more detailed about the remeshing options available to you during a rezoning operation, see Rezoning in the Advanced Analysis Guide.

Distributed ANSYS Restriction This command is not supported in Distributed ANSYS.

Menu Paths

Main Menu>Solution>Manual Rezoning>Cancel
Main Menu>Solution>Manual Rezoning>Finish
Main Menu>Solution>Manual Rezoning>Read Mesh
Main Menu>Solution>Manual Rezoning>Select and Split Elems
Main Menu>Solution>Manual Rezoning>Start

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Ansys почему не происходит remesh

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