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Acpi nvda0820 npcf что это

[Solved]Unknown devices after drivers installation

I just bought a GF65 THIN UE laptop. After installing Windows, I tried to install the drivers provided on DriverCD (E: ) with CDsteup.exe.
Most of the drivers failed without explanation thought they are supposed to be provided by MSI!
Here is the snapshot:

failed drivers.png

I now have several devices unknown in the device manager:

unknwon devices.png

Their IDs are:

I tried the offcial NVidia drivers, the MSI support page and drivers, the Intel drivers.
I still can’t find any appliable driver and solution.

MSI can you please help?

Deleted member 663924

. set ENGLISH in system ??


not update only TOUCHPAD ! this need manual way

. best way is manual installation for all !!
but need small skill

GPU drivers — still have MICROSOFT GENERIC !
one gpu have error code !! error43 ? for nvidia ?
most time half/dead hw !

all look completely bad ! from this AUTO RESTORE
or ENGLISH system + teamviewer . if you can’t do it yourself

////////// alternative -latest drivers "need small skill for filtering drivers"


New member

Woops ok, English is better :

unknwon devices2.png

The error code for the 2nd GPU is 31 (drivers can’t be loaded) and yes it’s the NVidia card. I even tried manual installation (.inf) without success.
SDI didn’t find any missing touchpad driver.
I also tried Windows auto update and same result unfortunately.

Maybe you’re right and the hardware is faulty. I have opened a ticket at MSI. Fingers crossed.

And thank you for taking the time to answer btw

EDIT : I also tried to install Intel MEI from your links and it says "Platform not supported" though I have a genuine Windows 10 64 pro.

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