Apu auto shutdown это что
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Apu auto shutdown это что

Apu auto shutdown это что


  • No Start «Auto Shutdown» Message:

(No Acceleration) Reason-Apu Speed On Speed «Auto Shutdown» Message:

  • Action #1 = Inspect 108VU panel for water ingestion and contamination of «APU EMERGENCY SHUT DOWN» button (1KL). R/R 108VU panel per AIRBUS SB A320-92-1011.
  • Action #1 = Inspect mag plug for metal contamination R/R lube and generator filter elements.
  • Action #2 = If auto shut down continues, R/R both differential pressure switches.
  • Action #3 = If metal contanimation found on mag plug and auto shut down continues, R/R APU.
  • General info = Oil brand changes have been linked to filter clogging auto shutdowns. (no adverse inpact to APU).
  • Action #1 = Most Overtemp auto shut downs are due to E/C-(engine cooling) shroud delamination failures.
  • Action #2 = If shroud is delamed, replace the shroud.
  • Action #3 = If shroud is ok and auto shut downs continue, R/R APU.
  • Action #1 = If the fault is in conjunction with an auto shut down(No Flame/No Acceleration/or Underspeed) see ASD T/S recommendations above.
  • Action #2 = If the fault continues however the APU still starts, R/R A/C Fuel Pressure Switch(5030QM).
  • Action #3 = If the fault continues, check for possible defects with the A/C Fuel Pressure Switch (7QC). APU Fuel Pump, or Air Release Valve.

No, Low, or Fluctuating Bleed Air Pressure:

  • Action #1 = If no APU LRU faults are found in the CFDS, restart APU and verify bleed air operations in ECS 2-Pack mode.
  • Action #2 = If NO AIR continues, R/R A/C Bleed Switch.
  • General info = Most «NO AIR» defects should have a Faulted LRU observed in the CFDS last leg reports.

FCN(Fault Code Number) = TSM Task.

(007, 008, 009, 010)=TSM49-70-00-810-816.

(016, 017, 018, 019)=TSM49-00-81-810-853.

(026, 027, 028, 029)=TSM49-00-81-810-854.


(076, 077, 215)=TSM49-00-81-810-835.


(081, 082)=TSM49-00-81-810-858.


(088, 096, 097)=TSM49-00-81-810-861.

(089, 091)=TSM49-00-81-810-856.

(099, 245)=TSM49-00-81-810-818/820/867.



(105, 106, 107)=TSM49-00-81-810-807/823/857.

(109, 110)=TSM49-00-81-810-851.

(113, 114)=TSM49-00-81-810-834.



(128, 146)=TSM49-00-81-810-825.











(240, 241, 242, 243, 244)=TSM49-00-81-810-821.

Apu auto shutdown это что

The APU may be started with DC from the batteries or with AC. The APU panel is located at the bottom centre of the overhead panel. External APU controls are located on the external power panel in the nose gear bay.

To start the APU, first press the master switch button, then the start button. The start sequence begins when the APU inlet flap is fully open.

To shut down the APU, turn off the master switch. If the APU bleed has been used, the shutdown sequence incorporates a delay of between 60 and 120 seconds before shutting down. As long as the AVAIL light is still displayed, the shut down sequence can be cancelled by turning the master switch back on. If APU bleed has not been used, the shutdown is immediate.

The APU control is completely automatic. Auto-shutdown is available whenever the APU is running. Automatic deployment of the APU extinguisher is also available on the ground. APU emergency shutdown is initiated by pressing the APU fire button or by pressing the APU SHUT OFF button on the external panel. An APU fire in flight will show the APU FIRE procedure on the ECAM, followed by the APU EMER SHUT procedure. On the ground, a fire will cause the APU AUTO SHUT DOWN procedure to be shown after the APU fire procedure.

The LOW OIL LEVEL on the ECAM indicates that the APU can only be used for a further 10 hours before maintenance is required. The amber FUEL LOW PR indication occurs during start if fuel pressure is low. It is only an advisory.

Apu auto shutdown это что

Wed May 03, 2000 6:38 pm

Could someone please enlighten me on the procedure for APU startup / shut down (any aircraft that has them, or specific if different aircraft use different procedures). I am looking not only for how, but more importantly when.

The reason I ask the question is because the other day I heard an aircraft go over the house and looked out the window to see what it was (as one always does). While I was watching it (an A320), I saw a vapor like trail come from what seemingly was the APU outlet. I was wondering if this was unburned fuel passing through the turbine in the startup procedure. The house is about 18-20Nm from the airport.

Also, does the APU use ram-air to start it turning?


RE: APU Start-up / Shut Down

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Wed May 03, 2000 8:30 pm

jim Posts: 448 Joined: Thu Jul 29, 1999 8:12 am

RE: APU Start-up / Shut Down

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Thu May 04, 2000 12:16 am

The already-posted information is entirely correct. I only wish to add that on larger aircraft the generator is NOT interchangable with the engine driven ones.

The engine driven generators use some sort of Constant Speed Drive unit to turn the generator at a constant speed regardless of the engine RPM (think automatic transmission stuck in a gear) whereas the APU speed is increased or decreased to maintain proper APU generator speed.

Generator speed is vitally important because large aircraft systems use 115vac at 400Hz. The frequency MUST be correct or else electronics malfunction.

As to altitude restrictions, that is more for using the APU as a pneumatic source. Above say 15,000 ft, the air is too thin for many APUs to be effective at providing adequate air for pack operation, so it is used exclusively for electrical power above that altitude. The GCTP331-400B for the 767-400 is rated full electric up to the aircraft service ceiling (43,100 ft), but can only provide air up to 17,000 ft.

Ram air is a big part of performing an in-flight start, which is one of the reasons that the 727 apu is ground-use only. As the APU is located in the main wheel wells, there is no way to get a ram effect (or enough air to operate) with the gear doors closed.

As to shut down, all APUs I’m familiar with have a cool down cycle, either required or automatic, to reduce wear and tear on the unit. After removing all air and electric loads, the APU isallowed to run for x number of seconds (usually 90) to cool the turbine area. The one exception to this is if there is a fire warninig indication, in which case the APU is shut down immediately.

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