Ai suite 3 как удалить
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Ai suite 3 как удалить

Thread: How to uninstall Ai Suite III manually

How to uninstall Ai Suite III manually

Ran into this problem recently. After installing a new video card, Ai Suite III failed to run properly and could not uninstall due to "reboot required" bug.

Found this solution on another forum and thought I’d share since it worked for me.

There are other solutions on this forum however, they all pointed to downloading the cleaner file which does not exist any longer.
How to manually uninstall AI Suite 3

Step 1: Open Task Manager � End the following Processes
Stop the following Services
aS HmComSvc

Step 2: Go to C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\ASUS\
Erase program files and folders (erases all of them, but you might be able to only do selected ones).

Step 3: Obtain AI3 Cleaner.exe (shown as Cleaner.exe) from another post on this Forum and run the cleaner.

Step 4: Go to hidden directory C:\ProgramData\ASUS and erase at lease AISuiteIII, DipAwayMode, FanXpert folders. (I attempted to run Uninstall after each of the first three steps and got the �You must reboot�� warning until this step � so I suspect the uninstall issue was related to this alone)

Step 5: Reinstall AI3.

If the problem persist there are certain markers in the Registry that can cause this to occur. If the install/reinstall software is buggy it might not clean up:
HKEY_Local_Machine\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Sessio nManager\PendingFileRenameOperations or \FileRenameOperations. (these can exist in �.\SYSTEM\ControlSet001 or 002).
These can make Windows continue to as for a reboot.

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New ROGer Array Navajo PC Specs

Navajo PC Specs
Processor Intel Core i7-5930K Prosessor Socket-LGA2011-3, 6-Core, 3.5GHz
Memory (part number) Corsair Dominator DDR4 2666MHz 32GB
Graphics Card #1 MSI GeForce� GTX 1080 ti
CPU Cooler Corsair Hydro Series� H100 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler
Power Supply Corsair AX860i Digital ATX Power Supply
OS Windows 10

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Im having issues with CPU Fan stopping and restarting (Cooler Master V8 GTS in ROG Strix B250F Gaming MBoard)
Thought it may be to do with the AI Suite Fan control, so after a few adjustments and error messages for Fan Control during gaming
Thought I might just remove and reinstall, should be simple, Yeah Right
So now when I reinstall AI Suite, I only get AI Suite 3
no Performance & power Saving Tools, no EZ Update, No Fan Control expert 4 and so on
But i do notice, my Fan names have been remembered some how even after following your process

the below Registry entries, Do I delete them if im still having problems with AI Suite 3 Reinstall?[/COLOR]

"If the problem persist there are certain markers in the Registry that can cause this to occur. If the install/reinstall software is buggy it might not clean up:
HKEY_Local_Machine\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Sessio nManager\PendingFileRenameOperations or \FileRenameOperations. (these can exist in ….\SYSTEM\ControlSet001 or 002).
These can make Windows continue to as for a reboot. "

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If you want to download AI Suite Cleaner you can find it at the link below. uite-3-cleaner

I’ve had no issues running AI Suite 3 on an X99 Rampage Extreme V, Windows 7 64-bit . I updated recently to version ASUS_AI_Suite_3_V3.00.60 and it has been running flawlessly.

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i thought i should add,
Been running this setup sine 2017 when i joined ROG and have no issues otherwise

The fans are running fine without the AI SUite 3 software Installed, (Running from ASUS UEFI BIOS settings)
Was running perfectly fine up untill i noticed the CPU Fan stopping and starting randomly, which is when i started the manual adjusted which ended with the above error messages
Again, any help is greatly appreciated

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Originally Posted by Bugstein79

For you specific error message, go to the Windows Task Manager -> Services and see if AsusFanControlService is listed as a service. You should be able to get info about the path where the executable was installed on your C: drive. Once you have the path info see if it exists on your C: drive. If it does not exist that’s likely the reason for your error msg.

You path is likely different, but my path like "C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AsusFanControlService\2.00.92\AsusFanCo ntrolService.exe"

It looks like you might have "installation junk" still left from a previous installation. I’m not certain, but I think older AI Suite installations used different folders for certain programs/executables. Sometimes registry entries are not removed with the cleaner, or a physical folder still exists on the harddrive.

What I do after running the cleaner is to edit the windows registry and perform a search for entries containing similar to the following:
C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AI Suite III
C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AsusFanControlService
C:\ProgramData\ASUS\AI Suite III

In general if your computer is clean of AI Suite III installation and features, no physical folders on your hard drive or registry entries should exist that refer to AI Suite. If you do clean your registry make sure you know what you are doing. Always make a backup of your installation drive if problems occur later.

If the registry stuff is too much, one thing you can try is to install the last version of AI Suite that was working on your computer. Once that is installed you can run the newer AI Suite installation and upgrade the older AI Suite with the latest modules.

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Thanks for all your advice, i have just found the cause and solution to issue im having
It appears as though the Fan Control service is not being removed when AI Suite 3 is uninstalled
So i folled the detils at the below website and all seems ok now for the most part

Now to work out my original problem, why is my CPU fan stopping and starting
Only seems to happen when the CPU is at low temp and assume it has to do with the Power Voltage/Temp settings and quiet mode

Asus AI Suite3 will not uninstall

Been, there, done that, I am not certain that it actually does anything.
I think it might be an exe that either fires off a bat file or a powershell script.
It opens up a small window that doesn’t even have time to render before it vanishes?
I would be much more interested in what is in the script its running?
Interestingly the installer does the same thing.
Put a pause in the bat file for readability!

Thanks for replying.
I would do a manual redgedit deletion, but its a suite of a least 8 or more apps all with different names and I have no ideal what needs to be removed?


You would think that installing the upgrade would overwrite the old one, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to install over the faulty one.

Why don’t they write complete uninstallers? Every unistaller I have seen to date always leaves some garbage in the registry.

I could fix the whole problem my backing out the microsoft update? Someone said they did that?


Add/remove programs runs the installer in install mode, so I could not uninstall?
Running the installer I downloaded also puts in into install mode, so I could not uninstall?
Running Microsoft Program Install and Uninstall failed to detect Aisuite, so no joy?
Running AI3Cleaner did not seem to work, don’t really know cause all the apps trigger the problem?

AiSuite 3 comes with 8 applications, Ai Charger+, Dual Intelligent Processor 5, EZ Update, Mobo Connect, Push Notice, System Information, USB 3.1 Boost, USB BIOS Flashback.

If you launch the installer from the startmenu->program->ASUS->AiSuite3->uninstall AiSuite3, then the installer comes up in uninstall mode.

Unfortunately it only seems to uninstall one application at a time, sort of. I must of have rebooted about 12 times, but now it is all gone.

Windows 10 kept asking me if the installer was working, ha. Sort of I guess?

How do I uninstall AI Suite 3?

Here is what worked for me (probably can be refined):

Use official Ai suite 3 uninstaller. Reboot.

Stop all services related to ASUS. Delete ASUS folder in program files (x86). Open CCleaner. Select Registry. Only select Windows Services. Scan. Only fix all issues related to ASUS. Reboot.

If you want to reinstall, now you can. If you only want fan control, only install the Performance and Power Saving Utilities component.

We'll be happy to assist. Have you tried booting into safe mode then try to uninstall the software?

The weird thing is that even though the uninstallation appeared to be unsuccessful, AI Suite doesn't show up in my program list in Windows. Yet it's folder still remained. (C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS\AI Suite III)

I'm unsure weather I should just go ahead and delete the folder since it could potentially cause some issues. I also read a thread on the ASUS ROG forum (, but I have 2 problems with the guide. Step 1 doesn't really work for me since the exe files either do not even show up in my task manager or their name isn't exactly 1:1 so I don't want to risk ending a wrong process. Step 3 requieres me to download the AI Cleaner, but I didn't really find a trusted link to download it and I only want software provided by ASUS directly.

Since I'm unsure if I should follow the guide I read, I'd really appreaciate if you guys could help me uninstall AI Suite 3 completely from my computer. As said earlier, the uninstallation wasn't done properly and the folders remained, yet it doesn't show up in my Windows program list. I also get some weird error messages when booting up my PC (something like "assertion failed")

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