4 cores are activated что это
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4 cores are activated что это

4 Cores are activated — что это, как отключить?

4 Cores are activated — это означает что активированы 4 ядра процессора, данная надпись может быть следствием работы опции биоса ASUS Core Unlocker, которая предназначена для разблокировки скрытых/спящих ядер.

4 Cores are activated — основные моменты

  1. Функция может появиться после обновления прошивки биоса.
  2. Надпись при включении ПК может носить только информационный характер, возможно ее убрать нельзя, она информирует о новой возможности.
  3. Используя опцию биоса ASUS Core Unlocker можно разблокировать спящие ядра процессора. Иногда данную функцию можно активировать нажав 4 при включении компьютера.
  4. Например процессор AMD Athlon II X3 440 имеет 3 ядра, однако по факту — 4, просто 1 заблокировано. Активация такого заблокированного — не всегда даст прирост производительности, может быть эффект наоборот — процессор начнет работать заметно медленнее, будто стал одноядерным.

4 Cores are activated — как отключить?

Отключить использование заблокированных/спящих ядер можно путем выключения опции ASUS Core Unlocker:

Для отключения нужно выставить значение Disabled. После — нажать F10 для сохранения и выхода из BIOS.

Второй вариант — выполнить сброс биоса используя опцию Load Optimized Defaults или Load Setup Defaults.

Также оказывается некоторые модели материнских плат содержат специальную кнопку для разблокировки ядер:

Обычно это материнки среднего/премиум класса.

4 cores activated

I have just joined .. so if I have posted this thread into the wrong forum then I apologise to the owners and if you could, could you put it into the right forum thank you.

anyway here is my query.

I have only just recently got myself a new computer and upon startup I wanted to go into the bios settings .. so naturally I hit exactly what it would tell me to do so at the bottom left corner of my screen .. being 4 .. not f2 or f10 or esc .. but 4 .. so I did .. then my screen flickered and nothing happened and bootup just ran as it would normally do past the windows logo onto the desktop .. so i thought erhh. .. so i tried it again .. only what happened was I noticed at the bottom left corner of my screen .. there was no more the option to hit 4 to go into bios settings .. but there was a message saying>> 4 cores activated. Now I am not a computer boffin who knows really deep in theory stuff about computers .. but I do know my fair share .. but the 4 cores activated .. well I must admit I am wholey unawares to that as I have never heard of that before.

can someone plz explain to me what 4 cores activated means.

thankx in advance


Hi, welcome to Tom’s.

If you can, it would be very helpful to post the full system specs, ie: all hardware in there.


Memory: 2816MB RAM
Page File: 664MB used, 40

I know that my motherboard is >> M4N68T-M Series


Hm. I don’t know. Sounds like a quick select function for unlocking cores if you had an X2 or X3 CPU. I doubt it affects you.

However, it’s obviously not putting you into the BIOS. Usually the Delete key goes to BIOS, sometimes it’s an F key.

Have you looked at your user manual for the motherboard? They generally explain it all.


hmm .. ok well thankx again for the feedback .. you have opened a door for me now to do alittle research into the 4 cores activated topic .. as I have a basic idea of what it means. I will certainly post other threads in here if I have any other queries in regard to the mechanics of the computer.


ok now something really weird has happened .. last night my computer prompted me that my display driver wasent running and since then my mozilla firefox has been showing these really weird results .. so everytime I use my mozilla firefox and say go to youtube .. well I can’t see any of the video images on the right column .. to specify whats on offer to be watched .. also some of my saved bookmark pages that I load up look scatty to .. like some of the text is out of place .. smudged/distorted somehow .. yet if I use my internet explorer browser .. well everything is fine in there .. when I was in my mozilla forefox and was in youtube to watch my fave hiphop video .. well I was prompted to install flashplayer 10 .. so I did .. but nothing had changed .. its still the same .. hence my saved bookmarked pages when loaded up looking scattty/smudged/distorted somehow .. but my internet explorer is totally fine .. even when youtube is activated.

now all this only really started to happen last night .. after I finished playing my pc game >> men of war. So after I had realised what had happened after myself get that message (display driver is not running) well I loaded up my game and it never loaded properly .. only the logo on the main page stayed the same and that was it .. it never went any further.

anyway when all this began to happen last night .. well naturally I googled alot and at one point I typed in . help my display driver has stopped running .. then I saw this link .. so I hit it and this chap was explaining how he was playing a pc game and then everything just stopped .. and he thought that it may have had something to do with overclocking or something like that .. so I thought oh dear I wonder if my problem has something to do with the ‘4 cores are activated’ .. I know very little about overclocking .. but I think it can be something to do with overheating ect ..

but today when I woke I went straight onto my computer and the first thing I did was load up my pc game and hey presto is loaded no problems at all .. everything was all running smoothly .. but my mozilla firefox is still showing the same weird results .. being that when I load up my saved bookmarked pages .. well they look scatty/smudged/distorted somehow .. but my internet explorer is working like a charm .. no problems at all ..

maybe when the ‘4 cores were activated’ well they have somehow done something to my computer and after a while of my computer running it will overheat and disable certain things .. like my display driver .. only my game today is running perfect .. and my internet explorer is perfect to .. only my mozilla firefox is still showing the same results. Even when I go into display adapters list via device manager .. well I can see it there as bright as day .. I have tried updating it .. thinking that may be the problem .. but to no avail.

I have even installed Java Script and Flash Player 10 for mozilla firefox .. thinking that may do the trick .. but firefox is still showing the same weird scatty/smudged/distorted results .. yet my internet explorer is totally fine. I am totally in the dark here and
anyones feedback on this annoying topic would be so greatly appreciative.

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